The Accelerator Experience

What do you need? A fierce, empathetic, wildly-supportive, growth-inducing, tight-knit community; a family of THATIANS who GET IT because they’ve been there (or are there) so they can walk alongside OR lead you through the sh*tstorm that entrepreneurship can be. ALL THIS PLUS straightforward, tactical weekly live workshops to keep you focused, on-track, and moving towards your goals—regardless of where you are in your path.



Work closely with me and my team in a small group to automate and advance your business concept with tools, community, and the support you've been looking for.


I've helped hundreds of people like you create and launch their ideas. Now I'm going deeper than ever with a special group of people who are committed to getting their body of work out through BLACKTHAT.

The BLACKTHAT Accelerator is a small group where we work closely to automate and simplify the process of creating a legacy business.

You'll be in an intimate cohort with other high caliber creators, doers, and amazing Entrepreneurs who want to create and launch a unique business that actually changes lives.

You'll be on an accelerated path with real weekly deadlines and weekly calls with me and a small group of others.

I'll be personally checking out your materials and giving you feedback on everything from your idea, your unique delivery and format, your marketing, your launch story, and ,if applicable, your unique course environment (the experience of your ideal student).

Change... ''No Plan of Attack'' to....I Got This 

Design your 100% unique business success playbook (so that your offerings get great results and creating your system is easy and fun for you)

Design your Opportunity Blueprint

Discover how to tell your launch story and what format to tell it in (so that you create the environment for your ideal customers to find you)

The Build (Legacy System Design) 

Design and execute a completely customized customer experience, follow-up, and operating system to quickly replace to-do's with automation. 



You're unique and this process is too. 


How To Unlock Your Six Figure Hustle

Turn your side hustle to your main business and get it LAUNCHED: The result is your business minimum viable product is created and launched in 10 weeks.  No more excuses.  Your unique work is out there in the world-changing lives.  I'll kick your butt into action (and give you all the tools and support) and you will do the hard work.

LAUNCH PLANNING RETREAT: As part of this intensive accelerator, we'll spend 2 days in person together planning all of your launch content, designing a completely custom launch that is totally unique to your strengths and talents.  This will be a transformative, life-changing, intimate small group event (so yes, spaces are limited!).

Our next group is starting soon, so apply now!


You may have taken other courses before but you realize you need more support and accountability.

(You haven't taken real action yet)

You're ready to stop procrastinating and get your business out to the people who desperately need your work.

But you're ready to invest in yourself and your business to make this happen sooner, not later.


You need a legacy creation process that is completely unique to you and your content delivery.  You need a launch plan that is customized to your strengths and your story. You need to ditch the formulas and get real support.

Sounds like you? Apply now to see if you're who we're looking for. 

Program Details

The program is 10 weeks. We have weekly calls that are a combination of training and laser coaching. Then we create that week's assignment for the upcoming week and hand it into me so I can review it (that's how we get everything done on time). 

Our in-person retreat is when we plan our custom launch plans together (3 nights, 2 days).  *You cover your travel and accommodations, I cover the rest.


Every week we have a live call with the group.

The first week we are doing market research, then I am personally helping you craft your concept idea/name/hook/positioning, then we make your sales page, then we do your pre-sale, then we create your MVP, etc. etc. Each week we have our live call which is a combination of training and coaching so you can go and do your Monday Deliverable.

What's a Monday Deliverable? After our live call, you take what you learned and the tools we give you and create the work (like homework!) to pass in to me 6 days later. One week, it's your sales funnel outline; one week, it's your sales page copy; one week, it's your landing page, etc.  You have to pass it in to me on Monday so I can review it.  Ultimate accountability.

This is how it all gets DONE :)

Then, on the 8th week we all get together at a big fun mansion and we plan your launches TOGETHER, in person.  Like a big craft party with big calendars and poster board and markers, we create your custom launch plan during our 2-day retreat (and we have fun together too, bonding time).

Then you go home and over the next 2 weeks you execute the launch we just planned together with our full support.

Apply now, spots are limited per session and our next session starts soon!

You are going to create massive success in your business THIS YEAR.

When you have the right support, a system that's designed for your success, and people that believe in you, great things will happen to you in 2018. But you already have what it takes to turn your business into a five-figure revenue generating monthly business: a growing business, a big vision, an entrepreneurial hunger, a backbone that can’t be bent.
So, I’m not going to waste my breath (and your time) telling you that I’ll make you a millionaire. I'm here to tell you that I'm going to give you a system that will prepare you for greater things for your legacy, erase your fears to grow your business, give you the connections you need to make a massive change, and prepare you for a journey like none other.  


If you feel frustrated, alone in your entrepreneurial journey, or just want to ensure you're doing the right steps, then this is for you:

Our method has helped 1000s turn their visions or side hustles into more sales and a simplified system, that gives you purpose in life, and learn how to enhance our very own economic well-being, or be found, others who see your business the way you do.  In fact, many have already met their goals while on the journey inside BlackThat.

We’d love to help you too.

We are on a mission to create traditions within an ecosystem that stimulates entrepreneurship and fosters economic growth in the community.

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